Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKSGIVING: The Prequel--Part II

Hey all! My good friend John has posted the Thanksgiving prequel pictures! Yay! He did a great job with the photos, as always. I hope you enjoy!

Mimi, with a bowl of cranberries

My friend Yane's dish.She made a dish from her home, Brazil!

Theresa's turkey. So very good!

The whole spread(some dishes not pictured above):
Theresa's Turkey
Mimi's stuffed mushrooms and cheese and honey crostatini
Yane's Brazilian Chicken Bake
Jeff's salad and juice
Lexi's fruit salad
John's cranberries
Jean's mashed potatoes and stuffing
Jake's bread rolls
Hess's apple pie
Jenny's palmiers, stollen, and spinach filo tart

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