Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DESIGN: Cavallini & Co

I received a delightful Eiffel Tower Thank You card today made by Callini & Co and I'm absolutely in LOVE with their products.

They have everything from rubber stamps (above) to gift tags (below).

I might even covet one of these beautiful weekly planners to get a head start on 2011. All their products are so whimsical and fun, and made with impeccable taste and quality. The thank-you card I received was printed in Italy!

My fave has to be the wrapping paper made from a printed map of Parisian monuments below. The vintage inks, coming from someone who works on maps and urban planning documents all day, these are absolutely heavenly and makes me want to revert to old school design. Hope you find these as delightful as I do!

All products and images are from Cavallini & Co's website. Enjoy!

ARTS: Moleskin Sketchers

Have you seen Moleskin's online gallery of sketches? Submitted by Moleskin lovers, there is everything from pencil sketches to complete water colors, and are absolutely stunning. I'll let them speak for themselves below, enjoy!

I think my favorites are by Paul Desmond (above) and Mattias Adolffson (below).

Monday, August 2, 2010

SUMMER: City Love

It's been awhile since I've been out taking pictures. Call it a funk. Or a bad day. That actually lasted three months. Sigh. Lots of work and studying and life can really take a toll on oneself. But, I think, after this weekend, that maybe I can say that I am starting to reclaim my mojo? I hope. Well, at least it's a start. And I can't think of a better way of getting out my uninspirational funk than by taking pictures and sharing it with you all. =) Best of all, I took pictures in one of my favorite places, Pike Place! I hope you all enjoy!

I can never get enough of Pike Place Market. Love it, love it, love it. My very first photo adventure took place here as well. So, some very good memories brought me back for another go.

Fresh veggies. Makes me think of Deborah Madison's book Local Flavors. Time to get started cooking! I'm excited.

Fresh lilies. They are so pretty, that I think I will have to incorporate these into my friend's wedding (see Tams's previous post). Won't these look nice in a bouquet with some gerbera daisies, rosemary, and sage?

The sight of these striped umbrellas and flowers in window boxes really make me happy.

I ate a big bowl of salad for dinner after taking pictures. Pretty sure this is the reason why...

Fresh juice bar. Yum! Sadly, as it was the morning when I came down to take pictures, I opted for a caffeinated drink.

My friend Monica checks out miniature cheesecakes. They had some delicious sounding flavors! It's a must-try one of these days.

Been a sucker for interesting labels and signs lately. Like the vintage tone of this one, not to mention the contents of the shop itself.

Olive oil, such an essential cooking item. The display and layout of this shop are so pretty too.

Dried fruit stand is practically mandatory every time I go to the market.

Label says it all. Dried strawberries and dried sour cherries are my favorite!

Enjoy all!