Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Butoh: "Not thinking, only soul"


charting uncertainty gracefully
flexibility and enjoyment with life's changes
discovering and mastering your hidden gifts and talents
joyfully living your life's passion and purpose
breaking out of imposed patterns and old stuck "boxes"
natural ease with creativity and uniqueness
playing your own special role in the world
finding enjoyment and value in your unique gifts
playing your own special role in the world
being a valuable contribution
confidence to shine forth and be seen!
connection with self and all of creation
heightened sensitivity and sensuality
capacity to listen and trust
drop in to a place of belonging
love yourself, your body, your life
become intimate with the motion of the soul
inspire one another
tap hidden sources of your creativity
powerful presence in performance and life
transform stuck areas in your body and life
nurture yourself and others in body, heart and soul
loosen up and let go
dance like a child again
FREEDOM TO BE who you are at any age, in any place with any BODY.


they call it civil disobedience; i call it divine obedience- father roy bourgeois

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