Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KNITS: Quick Projects for the Holiday

Winter is coming, I can feel it in my bones. Actually, let me rephrase that: I felt winter dig through my skin and settle into the marrow of my bones. A couple of days ago, I got completely drenched while waiting for my bus. (Oh, Metro, Metro, why hast thou forsaken me so??). I arrived home to a very cold apartment, because, being the good energy conserver that I am, I shut off every electrical entity before leaving home. As I sat huddled next to my heater vent, shivering like a little wet chihuahua, I really wished that sometimes I were not so habitual. Winter is definitely coming. But, there are some definite perks to the new stormy chill that is descending upon Seattle. For one thing, playing soccer gets even more fun(if that's possible). The slick turfs are ideal for slide-tackling, and you can run as much as you want without overheating. Winter is also perfect for knitting. I find that in these cold months, looping yarn through my fingers and my needles is even more comforting. Throw in a cup of hot apple cider, and that is a good evening. And, as the holidays are just around the corner, knitting now may even be more timely. Listed below are projects that I have completed and enjoyed working on. They are the easy-peasy sort, one that you can easily do at the end of a long day of work, or when you've finally escaped the weather by jumping on the bus.

Pattern found at The Purl Bee here.

The Eleventh Hour Scarf, also from The Purl Bee found here.

This pattern, Calorimetry, is from, found here.

Get knitting and get warm! Happy winter!



I adore knits...doing it myself is another thing though! Patience is unfortunately not my virtue...
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Jean said...

Thank you! I hope you have a lovely weekend too. Just a FYI, the second scarf finishes up really quickly because you're using bulky yarn. =)