Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOVE: This kitchen

It is the kitchen which makes me first fall in love with a house, and where I envision most of the living to happen. The home of photographer Dan Martensen and artist Shannan Click would be a great muse for creativity in the kitchen, on the canvas, or in the pages of my journal.

In the kitchen, plentifl counter space, natural wood and bar seating welcomes entertaining and allowing the chef (say me) be a part of the party while whipping up some delish eats.

I love the open space, the exposed woods, the relaxed decors and architectural detailing.

This feels like a home for open living. With your heart wide open and your creative spirit awakened.

Even the garden has an untamed loveliness. Carefree and beautiful, the way life should be.

All photos from the Selby.