Monday, November 16, 2009

CUTE: minifrenchie

Weddings have been on my mind lately. My good friend and labmate, Brianne, recently got married. One of my best friends, Karen, has two sisters (Katie and Laura) who got engaged within about of year of each other. Laura just got married this summer, and Katie is getting married next summer. On top of that, my friends, Richard and Ellen recently got engaged. So you can see, the wedding bells have been figuratively ringing in my ear. And, it's a perfect time to introduce minifrenchie. The illustrations are so sweet, perfect for save-the-dates, prints for the hubby-and-wifey-to-be, etc. Anne Le Guern is a Brooklyn-based artist. Her style is whimsical, happy, and elegant. Sort of how an ideal wedding should be! So very sweet! Enjoy!

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Tams said...

Awww love these Jean!!! EEKS! R+E are ENGAGED! How adorable!!! =)