Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer: Wedding Fever!

It would be fair to say Jean and I are officially having wedding fever. One of our very best friends is getting married in three weeks and we're all feverishly preparing for one of the happiest days of our friend's life. I'm in charge of wedding planning, and Jean is in charge of the cake and creative direction. We are also collectively managing the decors. Jean and I cannot stop swooning over beautiful wedding inspirations from books, magazines, and yes, blogs.

{Photo: Frolic!}

Our friend's theme is white and yellow, it's a small and intimate wedding, with lots of loving touches from friends and family.

{Photo: Sweet as Candy}

Jean and I have been inspired by the use of fresh herbs like lavender and rosemary for the table centerpieces, keeps it organic, not too pretentious and also a great take away for guests.

{Photo: Creature Comforts}

How pretty are these light pink chiffon flowers? Jean and I are pretty sure we can incorporate these in there some how, they're just so delicate and feminine, after all, isn't a wedding about celebrating beauty and love?

Love the idea of this origami table scape from our friends at Escapade.

{Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings}

We also adored the idea of a citrus in glass centerpiece, the imagery makes me think of summer, happiness, and the freshness of the couple's new chapter together.

How adorable is this? A yellow ribbon and a white paper bag can brighten up a whole wedding.

Jean is a great collector of beautiful containers, we were thinking of using them as impromptu vases with a wonderful bit of personality and character.

Our bride is a chef, the checkered napkins reminds us to mentally prepare ourselves for the feast to come, and the casual potted plants invite ease and comfort, to fill ourselves up with scrumptiousness and the love going into our bellies, and focus on why we're really here: to celebrate love.

{Photo: Design Sponge}

We are so happy to be a part of the wedding planning, and will be thrilled to post the wedding photos as soon as we get them next month! Congratulations Steve & Dao! We love you and cannot wait to see you share the rest of your lives together.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Getaways: The Northwest

My friends and I took a last minute trip to explore the northwest. We ended up with a three lunches escapade, wine country getaway, and beach adventures. Here are some photos from the weekend?

Molly and I at what I like to call the Northwest version of Petra.

STYLE MAKERS: Summer Shorts

I spent three hours yesterday trying to finding the perfect pair of shorts and ended up with three t-shirts, two skirts, and only one pair of house shorts. The search for perfection is never complete. The perfect pair of shorts has to have some essential components: length, fit, versatility and good does it make your booty look?

Here are some inspirations...

From Garance Doré, this is about the length of the shorts I got yesterday, though I don't dare wear this length to work, maybe for household chores and a day at the beach.

Texture brings these shorts from Karla's Closet beyond the typical khaki and denim. Love the styling of the clutch and a breezy blouse. Makes me want to take a weekend getaway to Maui!

Two choice picks from My Cherry Gum, the tropical print on these shorts and the classic car makes them Miami or Cuba worthy.

Nautical inspired shorts with gold buttons adds a little something special to a basic and navy stripes.

This is probably my favorite look from Paris in the summer by the Sartorialist inspires me to remember that basics, when pulled together with taste are the key components of personal style.

The sailor over sized-button details on these navy shorts makes even the shortened length have a trouser like quality.

The tailored fit and leather trimming on these shorts from Chasing Cherries had me swooning. How perfect are they?

One of my favorite looks. From Knight Cat. Comfortable and sexy with a bit of tomboyish charm. View more inspirations from My Daily Style.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer & Urban Craft Uprising

Hey all,
Just a little note on how beautiful it is today in Seattle. Summer is finally here?! I hope?! Well, the sun came out, and that's all I can ask for because when the sun comes out in Seattle, the city is truly spectacular. On another note, Urban Craft Uprising is this weekend. And if you haven't been before, and you have some time this weekend, stop by! My Tam and I went a couple of years ago, and we had a blast! I am including some pictures from that adventure in this post. And for the foodies, Mobile Chowdown is also taking place in Seattle Center!

Very cute stuffed robot

A belt with nerds (the candy) in the buckle

Love that yellow purse!!

Have a great weekend!