Monday, March 15, 2010

STYLE: Hats and Scarves Are What I Loves

I love this image. It encompasses everything I love: dining alfresco, dressing for yourself and not for everyone else. An external expression of internal bliss.

Recovering from a delicious four day weekend, my uniform of choice for all four days are: tights/skinny jeans, hat, scarf. It speaks of a bohemian life, living for the moment, appreciating what is and not wanting or desiring of more than just being. It is what I wear when I feel most myself and free spirited. Below are more inspirations from the Sartorialist. Enjoy.


Utter Ambrosia said...

Love this. The first shot is lovely. She looks so content.

Tams said...

Thanks so much! Isn't it wonderful? I wish I had that kind of a moment/meal every single day!