Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EATS: Brunch is the New Lunch!

(Top photo via poopoorama on Flickr, the rest are the writer's own unless mentioned.)

The scrumptious symphony of savories and sweets, melting yoke succumbing to the gentle white membranes of a well poached egg swirling in hollandaise sauce, for these and so many more reasons, March is my month of brunches. It is the meal I most look forward to, appearing only during the calm weekend days when we can savor without being rushed. Above is my favorite pick of the month: the duck confit hash at Bastille, new French cuisine made of potatoes swimming in a slow cooked duck confit sauce braised to perfection topped with a perfectly poised poach egg and rosemary from the restaurant's rooftop garden. This is the slow food movement singing to me on a plate, sustainability at its best, and weekend living as we want it to be.

La Taberna del Alabardero Huevos Rotos-“Broken” Fried Eggs Over Shoestring Potatoes and Mushrooms served table side during happy hour but I think it would be a scrumptious dish for brunch.

Some delightful selections with a beautifully made cappuccino at Bakery Nouveau including a twice baked chocolate croissant, crisp fresh BLT with bread just pulled from the oven and quiche Lorraine.

At Monsoon, swoon worthy baked eggs with shiitake mushrooms, mustard greens, bechamel, smoked bacon and parmesan and
below, oxtail pho with hon shimeji, oyster, and shiitake mushrooms.

(Photo above by +russ on Flickr)

And ofcourse, the heaven of brunches, the mecca of eggs benedict and the weekly union of the best there is in scenery, seafood and brunch culminates at Salty's on Alki. With a heady amount of eggs benedict, omelet, salmon, pastries, pasta, seafood options, from cupcakes to bagels and biscuits and gravy, there is probably not one brunch craving you have Salty's is not able to fulfill.

You can barely make it out, but beyond these windows are views of the city's skyline against a backdrop of water and blue skies.

Scrumptious little morsels of joy, passion fruit and mango baked with love and tenderly scooped into mini crumbly tarts.

Enjoy and good eating!


Utter Ambrosia said...

Fun post! Same things I love about brunch. Calm weekends. Kind of almost seems like a special occasion of sorts. You should try brunch at Tilth if you haven't yet been. That duck confit hash you mentioned looks amazing, and Tilth has a really, really good one with salmon.

Tams said...

Mmm sounds amazing! Have to try Tilth this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation!