Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Skirts

The best summer days are spent on the water, in a boat, feet buried in the sand, with a pretty pink umbrella drink in hand, head tossed back hair in face road trips, a good read accompanied by blissful warm breezes. Seattle has none of this right now, it's cold and gray, the entire city is lacking Vitamin D and sun rays so I set my gaze on happier sunnier things, like hunting for the perfect summer skirt and accessories for our new living room! Enjoy:

From Park and Cube. Maybe with this skirt I can float away to Rio, or Nice, perhaps Bora Bora?

American Apparel Skirt from
Karla's Closet hose posts, are impeccable as are her outfits, she has skirts galore. Am envious and amorous of her collection and her taste!

This could be the go to item for the summer. Lingering Rays skirt from Anthropologie

Skirt from Duskjacket Attic,wouldn't it be so perfect for work?

{Click on photo to enlarge)
Beyond skirts, I fell in LOVE with this print at Made by Girl from a
Coisas Da Doris, a shop in Brazil.

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