Thursday, October 15, 2009

COLOR ESSAY: roygbiv

What a beautiful summer it was in Seattle! It's a little hard to think about, especially since the past few week has been mostly gray, black, and various shades in between. When it was like this, the sun did manage to eek through to brighten up the day. And with that comes one of my favorite things ever: a rainbow. A small gift in the transition of rain to sun, and vice versa. I was lucky to catch one on my way home from a long day of work. It made my evening. Sometimes, when I am feeling especially low, the sight of something beautiful has an even more poignant effect on me. In this particular case, it inspired me to go home and work on my Photoshop skills and play with color technique. And so, as a final farewell to summer and hello to fall, the transition in between: a rainbow portfolio. Enjoy!

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Tams said...

Awww love these Jean! The one of the lilies is very Monet! Stunning! =)