Monday, August 17, 2009

Have a Cuppa

A Photo Collection of Drinks
I love lattes. This photo was taken at the Third Place Books in Ravenna Cafe. Pretty sweet, huh?

Mango juice and orange blossom lemonade. Photo taken by My Tam. Love the colors!

Tea time! Dao's palate cleanser at her final exam. Delicious on its own.

Another latte, this time from Cafe Flora. Added bonus: this is the barista's specialty!

Cider from Pike's Place Market. Heh, heh.

A concoction of My Tam's, carried out by Cafe Flora. Cringer + orange juice. GENIUS.

All photos modified by Poladroid.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

I LOVE drinks. These pictures really do them justice, too. I find myself craving a lot of those after staring at them for a couple of minutes. For some reason the one that really stands out is the one with the two plastic cups, I think its the second picture shown. Good eye.